Our Services

Bed Bug Inspection
30 min|$50

Bed Bug Inspection includes a thorough inspection of the room or home affected by bed bugs. Treatment prices will be quoted at time of service if requested.

Bee Treatment (First Story)
40 min|$185

Bee treatment includes the treatment of a bee swarm or bee hive located at the first floor or lower of a structure.

Wasp Treatment
30 min|$125

Treatment of up to 5 Wasp Nests located at the 1st story of the property. If there are more than 5 or nests are located at the second story eave price is determined at time of service.

Rodent Inspection
30 min|$50

Rodent inspection includes thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the home including the garage and attic space if needed.

Rodent Trapping Program
45 min|$185

Our Rodent Trapping includes an Interior and Exterior inspection of the property and setting of up to 6 Rat/Mouse Snap Traps or Glue Boards at the interior of the attic, garage or interior of the home. This service includes one follow up visit to remove and or replace/reset traps. Additional follow ups are $50.00 dollars and are requested by the customer if needed after tech recommendation.

Flea Treatment
1 hr|$205

Flea Treatment includes treatment of the Interior and Exterior for fleas. Before treatment of the interior it is recommended to perform a thorough vacuuming of the entire interior of the home followed by a thorough vacuuming once per day for 3-5 days following the treatment. *Price is for homes 2,500 sq. ft. and under. Larger homes will require a price quote*

One Time (Green) Pest Control *Interior OR Exterior Only
30 min|$205

Our One Time Interior or Exterior (Green) Pest Control Treatment includes treatment of either the exterior or the interior with our Natural Insecticide. Please keep in mind the natural insecticides do not last as long as the synthetic pesticides so more frequent services are needed for best results. *Price is for homes 2,500 sq. ft. and under. Larger homes will require a price quote*

One Time Pest Control Service - (Interior and Exterior)
45 min|Based on property size.

One Time Pest Control Services include interior and exterior treatment for these covered pests: Ants, Crickets, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Earwigs (Pincher Bugs), Cockroaches and Spiders. **Treatment of the Interior is optional and only recommended when pests are noticed at the interior** *Price is for homes 2,500 sq. ft. and under. Larger homes will require a price quote*

One Time Pest Control Service - *Exterior Or Interior only*
30 min|Based on property size.

A one time Pest Control Service that includes treatment at the Exterior or the Interior only and covers these pests: Ants, Crickets, Silverfish, Sow Bugs, Earwigs, Cockroaches and Spiders.

One Time (Green) Pest Control Service *Interior and Exterior*
45 min|$205

Our Green Pest Control Services Includes treatment of both Interior and Exterior of the property with our Natural Insecticide. This treatment includes removal of spider webs at the exterior first story of the property. We use one of the best botanical insecticides on the market, but please be aware that natural insecticides do not last as long as synthetic pesticides do. It's best to go on a monthly *green* pest control service or a bi-monthly *green* pest control service to get the best results.

Termite Inspection
1 hr|$99

Our termite inspections include limited or full termite inspections of your home or property including attics and sub areas if applicable. **If any services recommended during or after inspection are completed the inspection fee will be put towards that service cost.**

Bird Nest Removal
1 hr|Starting at $175.00

Bird Nest Removal consist of an inspection to determine if the bird nest is permitted to be removed and not protected. If permitted the bird nest and all remnants will be removed. Treatment for bird mites is recommended after bird nest removal. The treatment for bird mites after removal is $125.00.

Exterior Rodent Control
1 hr|Starting at $45.00

Exterior Rodent Control is a monthly control plan for home or business owners who have dealt with rodents on a more than once basis. The idea for rodent control is to control the exterior rodent population and prevent rodents from entering the structure.

Gopher X treatment
30 min|$225

2 total Gopher treatments using our GopherX machine. 2nd service is 5-7 days following initial visit. Benefits of treating with Carbon Monoxide can include: • Direct targeting of rodents within the burrow system. • No reliance on bait acceptance that sometimes hinders rodenticide and trapping efforts. • No secondary toxicity concerns for scavengers and predators or pets. • It seldom requires handling of animals after treatment, which reduces the risk of disease and parasite transmittance to humans. • It can be highly efficacious. • Designated as a pest control device by the EPA.

Bird Inspection
30 min|$50

Inspection of property for birds

In2Care Mosquito Trap Service
30 min|$60 monthly service for 2

In2Care Mosquito Trap Service

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